Strategies for Maximizing Productivity in the Home Office, Tailored to Each Sun Sign

Strategies for Maximizing Productivity in the Home Office, Tailored to Each Sun Sign

Strategies for Maximizing Productivity in the Home Office, Tailored to Each Sun Sign

Works-from-home days may feel like grownup snow days, but instead of hot chocolate and movies, you gulp numerous cups of coffee and rush to video conference with coworkers. In the midst of a global pandemic, working from home is encouraged.


As a fire sign controlled by Mars, the planet of activity, sex, and energy, you want to work fast and fiercely. If you can't stroll over to a colleague's workstation to discuss a plan or spend a lot of time setting up new applications to perform a basic project, you may be ranting.


Venus oversees art, romance, and money, therefore you like your surroundings to be comfortable and attractive. As the obstinate earth crew's fixed sign, you're a creature of habit. You're unlikely to change your habit or workstation once you grow used to it. Start with organization and aesthetics that meet your requirements.

Mercury-ruled air signs love talking, whether socializing or picking emojis for group chat. Play "Which emails might actually be better phone or video conferences?" to avoid missing out. Even partially "offline," you may be happy with your genuine expression and seek dynamic engagement.



You like couching as the ruler of the fourth house of home life and an emotional, family-oriented water sign. In WFH, being among loved ones or in your own safe space may make you happier and more comfortable. Maternal moon influences Cancer. Use a habit, distance, or work-to-chill ritual to avoid professional duties disrupting home life.


Your big-hearted, fire-filled Leo is the only sign ruled by the radiant, confident sun. You're happiest and shine brightest when coworkers and superiors notice your successes and let you be fun and creative. To keep on track, harness your natural leadership qualities and take on higher-level tasks.


As a flexible, pragmatic earth sign and ruler of the sixth house of daily routine and wellbeing, you were meant to work from home. Neat, appealing lists motivate more than any other. Communicator Mercury helps you use browser tabs, text while listening to a podcast, and attend back-to-back phone conferences at your best.


Your cardinal air sign, controlled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and money, makes you a sociable creature, the host with the most, and a conversationalist. However, you probably enjoy in-person collaboration, so being alone may be difficult.


Working from home and being surrounded by familiar (and security-boosting) things might strengthen an emotionally intuitive, fixed water sign. Your sign is co-ruled by action-oriented Mars and transformational Pluto, so you need to feel in control—especially of your senses. You should stay to a predictable, sometimes rigorous sc.


You'll jump into a big project, especially if it's an opportunity to learn, grow, and amuse people, but you'll quickly find you don't have the time. Without commuting, this inclination may worsen. Working for 12 hours will make you forget to eat and take care of yourself.


Saturn, your governing planet, governs structure and discipline, so you're wired to work hard to attain job objectives and feel appreciated by coworkers. You're recognized for taking methodical, practical action toward your objective as the grounded cardinal earth sign. Since you're always working, WFH shouldn't bother you.


Air signs are sociable, and networking homeowners value collaboration. Fixed air crew member, your airiness and sign's ruler, revolutionary Uranus, make you erratic, unpredictable, and forward-thinking, yet procedures steady you. Technology will help you focus for these reasons.


As a sensitive water sign controlled by dreamy, logical Neptune, you're intuitive, sympathetic, and escapism-prone. If you can't read your coworkers' emotions or use your imagination when working from home, you may feel disconnected, bored, and dissatisfied.

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