Swimwear Trends to Consider in Accordance with Your Zodiac Sign

Stars make swimwear buying less difficult. Avoid trends and consult expert astrologist Lisa Stardust and your birth chart to choose the correct swimwear for your zodiac sign. Smart swimsuit trends may surprise, but expect enthusiasm.


Stardust says that this fiery sign would thrive in a more athletic environment. A suit in a bright, eye-catching color like neon is a safe bet for Aries.


Stardust suggests a black bikini with supporting underwire for this sensual sign who places equal importance on comfort and appearance.

Stardust believes that Geminis, with their split personality, are most attracted to swimwear that can be customized with a variety of pieces or a bold one-piece.



According to Stardust, Cancers adore throwbacks.   That means you should try on some retro styles, such as high-waisted bikini bottoms "in check, gingham, or any pattern with a bit of an old-fashioned feel."


Stardust recommends a cutout one-piece or string bikini in animal print for Leos. She goes on to describe Leos by saying, "Leos are dramatic," and that "ambiance is important to a Leo." That's why they need a whole ensemble."


Virgos are order-loving perfectionists who would appreciate a shape-focused, geometric moment. Stardust states, "Virgos prefer a traditional bathing suit with side cutouts."


Libras with a penchant for sweets are encouraged to bring their sweet hunger to Stardust this summer. "Libras love something sweet like a little bow in the center or knot detailing," she says.


Scorpios may be magnetic, but they won't be attracted to outrageously flashy swimwear. Stardust agrees that Scorpios "go full throttle" all the time, but she does recommend one easy fashion choice for them: "red, the color of passion."


"Sags love prints," Stardust reveals. Anything that makes them feel a little bit more daring piques their interest. This sign uses a wide range of colors—from neon highlighters to contrasting, bright prints.


Stardust predicts that the minimalist and classic swimwear fashions will be the most appealing to Capricorns. Her ideal swimwear for Capricorn is "a classic one-piece like a Speedo or a classic bikini in a solid color like navy or black, and a little bit more on the conservative side."


Stardust suggests silver or gold outfits, either solid or printed, for the unconventional Aquarius. It's them, she argues, who would turn a rash guard into a bikini top and wear it with matching bottoms.


Stardust says Pisces are drawn to the ocean's laid-back attitude. "They'll really go for string bikini in a crochet fabric," she says of the target audience.

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