The extra fatty tissue that builds up as face fat makes the face seem puffy and big. Facial fat and a double chin might be endearing, but they can be a pain to get rid of if you're hoping for sharp features like a defined jawline, pointed nose, and sculpted cheekbones.

Spot reduction or reducing fat solely at the face is challenging, therefore one may want to consider being on a comprehensive weight loss routine or choosing a healthy lifestyle to achieve that attractive, sharp facial characteristics.

Eating a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables is an excellent choice for anybody looking to reduce the amount of fat on their face. Breakfast should be substantial, with enough of protein to keep you alert and full until lunchtime.

The secret is water: not only does it speed up your metabolism, but it also prevents you from feeling hungry in between meals. If you don't drink enough water, your body may start storing it in places like your cheeks, adding to the fat around your face.

A lack of sleep may cause your body's stress hormone, cortisol, levels to skyrocket, which in turn can cause you to overeat and gain weight in undesirable places like your face and body. A good night's sleep of six to eight hours helps the body burn fat more quickly, resulting in a slimmer look.

Reduce Your Body Fat Percentage Excessive buildup of body fat may cause your face to sag and seem puffy. Incorporating cardio into your regular exercise program has been shown to speed up your metabolism, help you lose weight, and slim down your face and body.

Keeping a healthy weight via diet and exercise is the greatest defense against accumulating fat on the face. Fat around the face is more common in those who are overweight than in those who maintain a healthy weight.

The effects of sodium, one of the main sources of water retention in the body, are readily seen in the facial skin. Reducing salt consumption helps people avoid water retention, and as the body loses water weight decreases. The signs are plain to see.

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