The Astrological Sign with the strongest grade of intelligence and the least amount of competence

Knowing you did something brilliant is the best feeling. These zodiacs will play intelligently next year. They will handle events differently. How to play smart will be important for some zodiacs that struggle and lack brains. Thus, we will determine the smartest and weakest Zodiac Sign on a scale of 1-12.


At different moments, an Aries may seem both savvy and naive. The people born under the sign of Aries are often kind and naive. These individuals tend to be less serious and more concerned with themselves. However, they are typically self-centered and oblivious to the feelings of those around them.


Even when rejection isn't personal, Taurus takes it personally. People with this Zodiac sign are self-centered and ignorant. Occasionally, this makes them brilliant and stupid. If Taurus is injured, they may become gloomy and sluggish, staying home and feeling sorry for themselves. The majority of these folks are perplexed.

Geminis think quickly and learn and share knowledge differently. There's always something new to make them funnier and more efficient. They also have a great sense of humor, which indicates intelligence. Geminis are creative and conversational, making them good buddies.



Due to their hypersensitivity, Cancerians are sometimes regarded the worst. They are the greatest cry babies in the zodiac and sometimes stupid. They can also become too emotional and imagine silly things without proof. One of the happiest zodiac signs is Cancer.


Even on the incorrect route, Leo seeks to show themselves right. People under this zodiac sign alternate between serious and playful. They strive to learn from rejection and failure. Leo is neutral and can act childlike or adult.


Virgos are interested in everything, even useless things. They're unique because of this. If there's no solution or the answer is hard to locate, a Virgo will use their smarts and sharpness to invent their own. Not humorous, Virgos mumble amusing things under their breath without trying. Virgos are geniuses because they ask many questions.


Librans are manipulative, not stupid. People under this sign always demand perfection and fairness. They are skilled at evaluating people and profiting from bad situations. Libras also make rejection worse and seek retribution in their own manner.


Scorpios are unpredictable and hard to fool. However, their smart and knowledgeable mind motivates them in whatever they undertake. They have a distinct perspective and are excellent at honestly examining and interpreting the world.


Sagittarians are self-centered and sometimes worse. People of this Zodiac sign are arrogant and selfish. But they lack decision-making and self-assertion intellect.


Capricorns make wise selections because to their exact and disciplined thinking. They evaluate the large picture and its repercussions before starting a task or endeavor. Capricorns persevere and use their intelligence.


Aquariuses think intellectually about everything. Aquarians are also open-minded and receptive of diverse viewpoints. Their odd and interesting worldview and intellect set them apart.


Pisces are smart and creative, yet they might become lost in their thoughts. Pisces individuals are emotionally knowledgeable and assess others by their personalities. They distinguish themselves by learning from mistakes and improving.

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