Apple Pie Apple Pie This meal is so American that it inspired the slogan, “As American as apple pie.” Apple pie may have been brought to the US by European immigrants, but it has become an American staple.

Famous in the 1890s, the cheeseburger was once a "Hamburger Steak Sandwich." When cheese was invented is disputed, although Louis Ballast of Denver, Colorado was issued the cheeseburger trademark in 1935.  Today, most American restaurants provide cheeseburgers.

Pizza is becoming a regional American dish with passionate debates over the greatest style. However, from fork-and-knife Chicago deep dish to foldable New York pizza, it remains a favorite.

Nashville hot chicken has a fiery history. According to legend, a scorned lover gave chicken entrepreneur and women man Thornton Prince cayenne pepper chicken to teach him a lesson.  Prince loved the dish, opened a restaurant, and history was made!

Carbs with carbs are the definition of comfort food. While white sausage gravy is most popular in the south, it may be found practically anyplace breakfast is served.

Southern American cuisine relies on cornbread, a fast cornmeal bread. Some prefer sweet, some savory, and some with jalapeno or cheddar.

Jambalaya, a Louisiana Cajun and Creole meal, is fun to say and taste. Creole (red) and Cajun (brown) jambalaya start with trinity, a mirepoix-like dish with green pepper instead of carrots.

Known as chicken fried steak, country fried steak is cubed beef steak breaded and fried like chicken. Southern white pepper gravy covers it, which is usually served with mashed or breakfast potatoes. It can be breakfast or dinner. Foods

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