The horoscopes of those who are most likely to disappear after a first date

Picassos are zodiac signs who depart after one date. Knowing whether you've accidently engaged one of the zodiac signs most likely to ghost you after a serious infatuation, from leaving you on blue tick to changing their gym membership to avoid you, helps:


This sign knows how to have fun, but they have one foot out the door in case things turn serious. Avoid future planning and you'll be OK.


As the first earth sign, this firm sign follows their instincts. If they think the relationship isn't going anywhere, they'll leave a comforting gift basket before leaving.

You never know which of this sign's twin personalities you'll date, but they'll watch your Instagram stories till they die.



A mushy squishy interior hides behind the zodiac crab's hard, crusty shell, which they fight to defend. They prefer to tell you when things aren't going well to save tears, grief, and endless cookie dough.


Like most Leo stories, it begins grandly. If they leave before your fantasy dinner candles burn out, don't take it personally—they like you but love themselves more.


You may think Virgos would be polite in ending a relationship, but their meticulousness allows them to spot all the red flags before the bread basket is brought.


Libras always root for the underdog, even their bad date. They had an evacuation strategy, but they made it convenient for everyone.


This indication might be difficult to understand, but their first concern is protecting their sensitive heart at all costs. A single story about ditching your ex on V-day will shut them down.


No prizes for guessing which side this nomadic sign is on—don't be upset that it ended, just be pleased that it happened?


For this sign, life is black and white, and games are unimportant. If things seem hopeless, they'd rather look you in the eye and tell you what's wrong than leave you on read.


This sign may disappear if the talk gets monotonous, better than Houdini. Your best guess? Before the date, research Princess Diana murder theories and pray for the best.


Given their emotional sensitivity, this sign isn't predisposed to hit-and-run on a disastrous blind date. They are often accused of lingering in hopes of a smooth transition.

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