The Ideal Candle for You in Accordance with Your Zodiac Sign

Do you doubt astrology or frequently check CoStar and your horoscope? Astrology may be a fun method to connect and discover yourself! Zodiac signs smell differently. Zodiac determines Apotheke scent! Moon and rising sign determine your astrological fragrance trio.


Aries begins the 12-sign zodiac. Warm, friendly, and committed. Naturally, Aries is fiery! Cedarwood and amber create a crackling fire for Aries, while cardamom, nutmeg, bergamot, birch tar, patchouli, and sandalwood combine.


Taurus works hard and loves friends. Tauruses resist change! Tauruses like comfort, therefore Cardamom Chestnut will fit in. Roasted chestnuts, creamy vanilla, and warm woods are heaven. Want something special? Concrete Candles are fantastic gifts!

Hi, friendly butterfly! Social Geminis can make friends anyplace. The scent of Orange Blossom Neroli matches their youth. Sweet orange flower, energizing neroli, mild greens, sandalwood, and musk create a lovely perfume.



Cancers are the most caring. Instagram called them crybabies, but they care! Cancers want close relationships. Blackberry Honey candles, scented with berries, coconut, honey, caramel, vanilla, and maple, are great housewarming and holiday gifts.


Leos are indispensable to everyone. Because of their innate charisma, Leos are party animals. (Especially with a Leo rising in your natal chart!) Buying a Sea Salt Grapefruit candle for a Leo or a Leo friend is ideal. Leos enjoy 4-wicks if they're feeling fancy!


Virgo, the zodiac perfectionist, is earthy. They work hard and deserve the finest, therefore they don't settle. White Vetiver is Virgo-approved scent. Cashmere, eucalyptus, and lilac blend with earthy vetiver, sandalwood, and amber for a luxurious, dramatic scent.


Libras bring balance and joy to everyone. The next party hosts will stay up all night to ensure everyone likes it. Birchwood Apple's fruity-woody scent suits Libras! Libras love trying new things, so a votive gift set or advent calendar may assist.


Instagram misrepresents Scorpios. We love Scorpios at Apotheke! Without permission, they're mysterious and autonomous. Our favorite broody scent is Scorpio Charcoal. Rich black charcoal wax and vessel smell terrifying yet wonderful. Reed and pura diffusers change!


No one is funnier or sweeter than Sagittarius! Our time together will be best. Motivated and optimistic. Sagittarius and Charred Fig are cheerful and can make anybody smile. A sweet, earthy aroma of wild fig leaf, crisp ambers, neroli, and cashmere woods.


Nothing gets done without Capricorns! They work hard and set their own rules. A woody, earthy aroma like Black Cypress will ground them after a long day. Black Cypress and woody sage create a gorgeous woodland effect.


Most misinterpreted Aquarius, the oddest zodiac sign. Smart, creative, and free-spirited, they like new ideas. Aquarians require Cedarwood Ginger's zest. Rich fragrance from ripe figs, sweet coconut, patchouli, incense, red tea, and sharp ginger.


Pisces like safety, comfort, and familiarity. They care, trust, and empathize. Pisces can relax at home and fall asleep with an Earl Grey Bitters candle or body lotion. Earl Grey Bitters is ideal for relaxing when lighted.

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