The Implications of Your Martian Signature for Your Sexual Life, Anger, and Energy

Everyone knows their sun sign, depending on their birth month and day, whether taurus jokes make you feel special or Aquarius jokes make you cringe. Your sun sign may reflect your identity, confidence, and self-esteem, but it's only one aspect of your birth chart.


Mars rules the Ram and Scorpio, so it's comfortable and its go-getter mentality fits you. Cardinal fire sign Mars causes rashness and excitability. Your anger may erupt quickly, but address it promptly. Your best ambitions are pursued with persistence and competitiveness. 


Mars in the calm, steady, fixed earth sign suggests you'll approach anything hot gently, for better or worse. It's hard to be mad with your long fuse. Once you are, you may want to fully address what motivated you. This is how you'll pursue goals. Being Taurus, the stubborn earth sign, means committing.

You act and battle with language if Mars is in Gemini. Talk your way into a job, use words as weapons, and converse animatedly to demonstrate your fervor. Your hectic, breezy energy may make you feel scattered and bored. You like to play with positions, settings, and devices and adore nasty words, seductive noises, and imagination in bed.



Mars in Cancer, an emotional cardinal water sign, makes you digest your wrath by swimming in its emotions. You seem to grasp that anger is only a blazing expression of grief. You're inspired by caregiving and ready to nurture anybody and everything, but stability is essential before you can reach your ambitions. Your sex life is included.


Mars' charismatic, resolute, fixed fire sign Your Leo birth makes you a driven goal-setter who believes they have all they need. Follow your career, physical, and sexual goals to manage all the moving parts. Ariana's "7 Rings" says, "I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it."


Born with Mars in analytical, supercommunicator mutable earth sign Virgo, you behave service-oriented and research-savvy. Being helpful and valuable to others makes you feel most efficient and on track. The details of organizing, planning, and monitoring objectives interest you. Language and communication are linked to your energies and actions since Mercury rules Virgo.


Diplomatic and beauty-loving Mars in the cardinal air sign may make passive-aggression tough. You prefer balance, harmony, and justice above aggression and rage, which sometimes limits your expression. You might utilize your justice and equality zeal. You enjoy passionate, relaxed sex.


Water sign fixed Mars rules Scorpio (and Aries), so the planet of sex feels comfortable there, focusing you on Mars' themes. Pluto controls Scorpio. You plan and lead with a razor-sharp concentration on your goals, usually power. Furious folks freeze their opponents and play mind games instead of fighting.


If Mars was in Sagittarius when you were born, your goal-setting mindset is "go big or go home." Long-distance travel, learning, exotic things, and anything beyond of your comfort zone excite you. When angered, you grow restless and want to fly away rather than have a difficult conversation. Jupiter's vibe is happy.


If Mars was in hardworking cardinal earth sign Capricorn when you were born, you move slowly and steadily. You're motivated, yet you want to appear calm and in control. Choose a mountain to climb and step by step.


Mars in Aquarius promotes humanitarian, progressive, individualistic, and communal causes. Crazy Uranus rules Aquarius, so you set and follow unusual ambitions. When upset, you may challenge someone and start a dispute to disprove them because you like being different and fighting the norm.


Born with Mars in Pisces, you love to relax and think about your objectives. Your empathy, intuition, and maybe psychic abilities could be used as a healer. You discover how deeply your emotional scars produce anger, making it difficult to overcome.

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