The Reasons Every Astrology Symbol Refuses to Give Up


You're a fighter and you never give up. You have the fortitude to put your doubts and fears aside. You have the fortitude to overcome your fears and uncertainties.


You're too determined to give up. No matter the cost, you will reach your objectives.

Because of your enthusiasm, you never give up. You desire this over anything else. You simply couldn't give up that easily.



You keep going because you care about doing a good job and earning praise from others around you. If you give up now, you'll always regret it.


Because you believe in yourself and what you can accomplish, you never give up. You have confidence in your own abilities and believe that you can make your aspirations come true. You won't be deterred by opposition.


You never give up because you always manage to get right back up. You are never defeated for very long by setbacks and negative feedback. You'll wallow in self-pity for a few days, but soon enough you'll be back at it.


You keep going because you have support from individuals who believe in you and your abilities. They put some logic into you whenever you start to doubt yourself.


Because you are patient, you never give up. You are aware that good results demand effort. Every day, you work hard, and you don't expect much to change overnight.


As a result, you never give up and strive for success no matter what. Until you achieve your goal, you will not give up. You're committed to giving it your all, no matter how long it takes.


Because of your resiliency, you never give up. You've been through a lot and can deal with anything that comes your way. You won't let a few setbacks discourage you from pursuing your goals.


Because you are a dreamer, you never give up. You have very high expectations of yourself. In other words, you won't accept anything less than your ideal situation.


You are a realist, therefore you never give up. You know there is little possibility of success on the first try. If you want to succeed, you have to keep trying.

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