The Sign of Venus and Its Significance in Money, Relationships, and Beauty

By birth month and day, most people can connect to memes about sensitive, sympathetic, and frequently weeping Cancers or stern, diligent Capricorns. The huge, brilliant, warm celestial body, or luminary, spends four weeks in each of the 12 signs and may disclose your identity, confidence, self-esteem, self-image, sense of self, and life path on your birthday.


If Venus is in energetic fire sign Aries, you accelerate when romantically intrigued. You're impetuous, lively, competitive (trivia night or sports are hot dates), and find a heated dispute great foreplay. On a poor day, Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, may be petulant, immature, and self-centered, making you put "me" before "we."


Venus controls two signs—Libra and the Bull—so it's comfy here and you're probably highly focused on Venusian things like love, beauty, and money. You may appreciate physical contact and take your time in bed, savoring luxurious and sensuous moments. This location may cause possessiveness, materialism, stubbornness, and black-and-white thinking.

Venus in Gemini boosts your love of language and mental stimulation in social situations. Wordplay, naughtiness, and smart messaging are your specialty. However, your cerebral inclination may make you intellectualize romance, removing you from your feelings. You'll look happy and unsure. Venus in Gemini might make you fickle and focus on superficial love.



Cancerians with Venus express their affection by taking care of others. You'll bake cookies for your buddy who had her appendix removed, assist your S.O. wash laundry when they're short on time, and make sure your house seems peaceful, snug, and safe. You obsess over old images and recall a fantastic first date. The downsides of this placement: 


You know what you desire in love if Venus was in the charismatic, driven fire sign Leo when you were born. Other signs may only see it on TV. Sunny, loyal, giving, and outspoken, you may like gifting your loved ones. You seek attention and offer it to your crush.


Born with Venus in analytical, supercommunicator Virgo means desiring to aid family. Your attention to detail helps others, and you adore being useful. You'll assist your friend organize their closet, find the best Thai restaurants for your date, or create spreadsheets to aid your sister make life decisions.


Venus controls Libra and Taurus, so the planet of love is comfortable there and you're naturally concentrated on Venusian themes. Want to get swept off your feet as in Jane Austen. You value cooperation and want your love life to be Instagram-perfect, sociable, balanced, amicable, and conflict-free.


Born with Venus in Scorpio? You want transforming, intimate, deep, meaningful ties and are passionate, magnetic, and sensual. Falling love someone makes it hard to stay light. You'll be guarded, secretive, and distant until you're both on the same page, then you'll commit. You love commitment and emotional, body-and-soul sex play.


If Venus was in Sagittarius when you were born, you're bold, entertaining, and feel larger is better. Traveling, learning a new language, meditation technique, or cooking different foods are ways to live life and love boldly. Given your independence, being confined is a turn-off.


If Venus was in Capricorn when you were born, you work hard to build lasting connections. Your romanticism is wise and classic. Roses, candelit dinners, a DTR schedule, monogamy, engagement, and marriage—you strive hard for the typical image.


Future Venus Aquarius loves platonically, eccentrically, and altruistically. You want to discuss climate change or local politics with your date, brag about the newest Apple Watch with your BFF, and schedule varied friend group outings. You hate traditional relationships and prefer friends-with-benefits.


Venus in Pisces when you were born makes you sensitive, empathetic, and slightly psychic about love. You may struggle to not take on others' grief, especially in close relationships. You want to experience love in a dreamlike, spiritual way, heal others, and express your deepest emotions via art.

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