The Worst Thing About Your Zodiac Sign and How to Change It

All humans have flaws. Could you identify and address your biggest problem? Astrology shows our flaws as well as each zodiac sign's benefits. Each sign contains them. Cancers make good companions but might be touchy or attack when provoked. 


Ask how they're doing and listen. Let them win occasionally and use your passion to aid them. Arguments show you fiercely defend your family, so use it to strengthen your bonds. You shine most when recognized for good!


Stubbornness may lead to success. Open up! Refusing input and doing things your way hurts growth and relationships. Allow others to think, feel, and act without passive-aggressive judgment. Watching and listening teach! Sharing ideas and being adaptable improves relationships.

Perhaps the most honest and expressive sign is two-faced! Being truthful may build relationships. Plan and commit—or use Google Calendar to demonstrate you tried! Longer one-on-one conversations without jokes every two minutes or group humor. These small acts show compassion despite your untrustworthiness.



In her book The Ascendant, Jodie Forrest advises forgiving others and talking things out instead of shutting down when you're hurt. Keep your moodiness down to avoid appearing like the evil stepmother—you're the zodiac's mom buddy!


Remember to let others shine. Despite monotony, practical thinking and allowing others shine succeed. Not always about you is OK. Always remember that honesty and respect build relationships. Flaunting for a crowd is less fulfilling than a close buddy expressing they're supported.


People hate repeating errors. When you criticize them, they stop contacting you, and you're annoyed since you "done so much for them!" I "don't even appreciate it!" Sound familiar? Assess strengths, not shortcomings. People consult you before inventing. The Ascendant by Jodie Forrest promotes appreciation and “sometimes ‘perfect’ is the enemy of ‘good enough’”!


You enjoy people, but it's harmful to change your personality to fulfill your social needs. Why behave a particular way when you can be yourself and offer greatness?


Obsession and paranoia might drive you to dig farther in quest of the “truth” that may not be that deep. If you must question anything, find someone you trust to bounce ideas off of to avoid uncertainty. Rest assured that not everyone is after you.


It's hypocritical to claim your vision as truth and then reject others. Simply saying “I’m just being honest!” doesn’t justify tactlessly denouncing others’ innocuous opinions. Learning isn't limited to direct experience. Listen and talk to them, not at them.


You must relax! Leave your job while you're not there. Why not take a day off occasionally? You might be dedicated about your profession, but success seems hollow if other areas of your life are empty. Like a mountain goat, you can jump, climb, and scale to success when you focus on your objective.


You're unusual, with a delightful sign-specific quirk, so don't ham it up and alienate yourself, even when your intentions are good. You tiny eccentric, your charming quirks and bright ideas make you stand out!


What's your private world like? How does it vary from reality? This question should motivate you to make real-world improvements to reduce emotional clocking out. Living on a different frequency than others prevents you from sharing your love and sentiments.

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