The Zodiac is the Devil's Symbols.

The zodiac's leader, this fiery sign likes being first and acts-first-thinks-later with new or tough situations.

Earth signs like Taureans require stability and security. They are most afraid of the unknown beyond their comfort zone.

The twins make this airy sign versatile and open to new experiences. New experiences are self-investment.

Caregivers don't want fun. Because of its family and lineage, the moon relaxes at home on the sofa.

Fire signs are active main characters that don't mind taking risks and increasing the stakes for bragging rights.

Scorpions usually save money, but if anything unexpected happens, they might spend all their monthly budget in one go. Scorpions should save well for retirement by focusing on control, which they love.

Sagittarians, the zodiac's daredevils, hate monotony. To find new adventures, they dive into new circumstances and difficulties.

Earth signs travel when time allows. They adore new locations and activities, but their five-year plan may limit them.

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