The zodiac sign equivalent of each FRIENDS character

This American sitcom was one of the greatest. From 1994 to 2004, the sitcom featured six Manhattan friends. The show became a cult classic with over 200 episodes.


Mike, Phoebe's spouse, is kind and entertaining. He, like Aries, displays self-assurance and is extremely devoted to the people he loves.


Rachel, like other Taureans, is hesitant to act yet persistent in her pursuit of her goals. She is also vivacious, witty, and full of energy. The people she loves are her top priority, and she always tells the truth about how she feels.

You'll probably identify with Chandler if you're quick-witted, gregarious, and extroverted. He, like many other Geminis, has a sensitive demeanor and utilizes comedy as a shield to keep his feelings to himself.



Carol, Ross's ex-wife, is sensitive, thoughtful, and perceptive. She's protective of herself and the people she cares about, just like any good Cancer.


Leos enjoy the spotlight and thrive in situations where they may be the center of attention. This person is most similar to Janice. Janice may be unpleasant and theatrical, but she also loves with a fiery intensity.


Simply put, you are Monica because you are a Virgo: dedicated, intelligent, kind, well-organized, and little OCD. You enjoy the sensation of being high maintenance and in charge, but only when it's done responsibly.


Joey, like other Libras, is always on the lookout for some adoration. He has a tendency to avoid conflict, which has gotten him into several sticky situations. In addition, he serves as a unifying force for the team and helps keep the peace.


In the same way that Gunther is secretive, dedicated, and attentive to the people he loves, Scorpios are the same way to those they care about.


Sagittarius people are the most like Richard since they are the most free-spirited and youthful. They have the grace and sophistication to charm anyone. Because of who they are, individuals have a hard time moving on.


Ross, one of the show's key characters, exemplifies the traditional Capricorn by being cautious, analytical, and intent on her goals. He thinks ahead and plans meticulously. But when he doesn't get his way, he acts out dramatically and rudely, as is usual of Capricorns.


She exudes the sort of optimistic freedom that only a fellow Aquarius could appreciate. Phoebe, meanwhile, possesses a high degree of sensitivity. Just like any good Aquarius, she worries for the welfare of everyone everywhere.


Think back to Emily. Where did Ross go wrong when he said "Rachel" instead of her name during their wedding vows? Even while she is attempting to make things work with Ross, Emily maintains her sensibility, empathy, and forgiveness. Pisces possesses all these characteristics as well.

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