The zodiac signs that have the most inclination for adventurous activities

While we're always excited about new adventures, examining the most adventurous zodiac signs might reveal how well we handle change. Our list of the most adventurous zodiac signs will help you open your zodiac sign to the unexpected, whether it's a romantic leap or a life change.


Leading the pack of the zodiac, those born under the sign of Aries have a strong desire to break new ground and are known to go in feet first when faced with a challenge.


People born under the earth sign of Taurus value permanence and predictability above everything else. They are terrified of venturing outside their well constructed safety net for fear of what could be waiting for them in the great unknown.

Symbolized by the twins, this ethereal sign is flexible enough to move with the flow and magnetic enough to make friends and find new experiences wherever they go. Trying something new is like spending money on oneself.



The caring crab has no need for the excitement of new experiences. Instead, under the moon's influence, it prefers to spend time at home with family and friends, where it may relax by watching movies and snuggling up together.


Fire signs are endowed with a great deal of protagonistic energy, which means they have no qualms about confronting new experiences in the face and then upping the stakes for the sake of bragging rights.


Despite being firmly rooted in a desire for excellence, Virgo lacks faith in anything within their own power. When pushed to do something new, they do so only with the security blanket of a well-thought-out strategy.


A Libran's demand for equilibrium and peace makes them resistant to change. Changing their routine isn't something they do frequently, but when they do, they throw caution to the wind and commit fully.


This sign is intensely private and unafraid of the unknown because of its strong cosmic attraction. Curious, yes, but they use it as a springboard to discover everything that life has to offer rather than as an excuse to act rashly.


As the zodiac's native risk-takers, Sagittarians abhor routine more than anything else. They take risks and dive headfirst into unfamiliar circumstances because they want to experience new things.


If only they had the time, this earth sign would visit every continent. Despite their enthusiasm for travel, they are reluctant to deviate from their five-year plan for fear of missing out on life's many opportunities.


Even though Aquarians aren't usually thought of as adventurers, they love nothing more than to see the status quo challenged. Without realizing it, they become the idol of the group because they want to be different from the norm and seek out out-of-the-ordinary events.


This sign is emotionally intuitive and genuinely kind. If it brings them together with someone who can't inspire their sense of adventure, they're just as likely to become a homebody as anybody else.

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