There are just three zodiac signs that don't want kids:

People who don't like children shouldn't have any. Whether you're a childfree couple or a childfree single, you may enjoy greater freedom and flexibility in your social life without worrying about finding a babysitter. It's also OK if you find the prospect of parenthood unappealing.

Obviously, we shouldn't allow our zodiac signs prevent us from making vital life choices like starting a family. If starting a family is high on your priority list, don't allow the fact that your preferred location is on this list deter you.

The social air sign is constantly on the go; they have a penchant for making new acquaintances and attending social gatherings. Therefore, establishing a family may not be possible for a Gemini unless they are ready to put their social life on hold.

The fifth house, which represents the psyche and sense of play, gives Leos an air of young exuberance. Because of this, a lion's sense of immaturity may last long into adulthood, delaying the time when he or she first has a family.

Sagittarius has more wanderlust than any other sign. The fiery Aries has a strong desire to travel, but taking a youngster along might make sightseeing a little more challenging.

Sags, the adventurers of the zodiac, would rather go skydiving, climb a mountain, or travel the world than start a family. However, at least their "cool aunt" vibe allows them to be a wonderful guardian to their little relatives.

Spending your leisure time with friends may be just as rewarding as caring for children, and maintaining a social life is essentially its own full-time job.

Leos value spontaneity and the ability to go with the flow. That's a tall order when dealing with kids, particularly newborns.

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