There Is a Distinct Physical Attribute Associated with Every single Zodiac Cruises Indicator.

Here's the deal if you've ever tried to determine someone's zodiac sign only based on physical characteristics: More so than your sun sign, your rising sign determines your physical appearance. Who was it you were sure was a Capricorn? Perhaps they have a rising Capricorn.


People born in the first three days of April often have strong physical attributes and striking features. Their complexion and/or hair color may be more red than usual. This ascending sign is also prone to injuries, so you could notice scars or other physical evidence of their misfortune.


Your Taurus risings are going to naturally give off the earthy, laid-back spirit of Taurus. Darker characteristics are characteristic of this group, including brown eyes and dark, curled hair. Venus, the planet of love and beauty, rules Taurus as well, making anyone born under this sign traditionally appealing.

Those with a Gemini ascendant are easily identified by their outgoing personalities and their elongated facial features. Their eyes light up, they move around a lot, and their excitement (or lack thereof) is written all over their face as they speak.



Cancer rising individuals, like the moon that dominates them, have a tendency to have a round, gentle, and reassuring appearance. The eyes of a person born under this rising sign tend to be huge and round, and their chest is usually more prominent.


Those born under the sign of Leo often have a thick mane of hair reminiscent of a lion's that frames their face like a diamond. They exude the confidence, sturdiness, and aura of royalty that is so characteristic of a Leo, and they conduct themselves with an air of significance.


People born under the sign of Virgo are known for their sophisticated demeanor. They exude an understated elegance in their understated dress, hair, and makeup. They're also recognized for being on the shorter side and having softer face characteristics.


Libra is Venus's other sign of dominion outside Taurus. Like Taurus, those with a Libra rising are typically conventionally gorgeous, with subtle signs of cuteness such as dimples, pouty lips, and an overall air of elegance. The symmetry and external beauty of these people are also well-known.


If you're unfamiliar with the "Scorpio stare," it's the way people born under this sign look into your eyes (typically with their heads drooped, as if they're peering at you between their eyebrows). Along with black hair and eyes, a serious demeanor, and a strong body, that's a dead giveaway.


Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are often described as having friendly, outgoing personalities and open, expressive looks. The attitude of this sign, which is open to all kinds of change, is seen in the way they conduct themselves. Those with a Sag ascendant are often tall and lean, with extra-long limbs.


Capricorn ascendants are most similar to Virgo ascendants in terms of their polished and sophisticated taste. People born under the sign of the Capricorn tend to have modest but well-defined facial features, giving them an air of serious maturity. Their hair is often black and straight.


A person with an Aquarius rising is just as easy to detect as one with a Leo rising. As a result of their unusually broad foreheads and eyes, people born under the Aquarius zodiac sign sometimes look alien. These are also frequently the eccentric, which may manifest in unusual clothing or hair color.


Lastly, those with a Pisces rising seem dreamy, with eyes that are round and framed by long lashes that seem to reach into the depths of your soul. They have an airy, delicate, and playful demeanor that gives them off as such. They also tend to be on the diminutive side.

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