These 5 zodiac signs are cozy indoors.

You may be impressed by an Aries' boldness and confidence at first sight. Because Mars is their ruling planet, they exude an air of irrefutable might. Aries may seem tough on the outside, but he has a soft spot for those in need.

Aries has a natural instinct to look out for and take care of the people they care about most in the world. Their rugged demeanor betrays a kind heart, as they are usually the first to provide assistance or comfort.

The Scorpion is a fascinating and powerful creature. Their confidence and piercing eyes give them an air of invincibility. They may seem calm on the outside, but they really have a lot of feelings and a huge capacity for love hidden away within.

As a sign, Capricorns are stereotypically portrayed as hard workers who refuse to let anything stand in their way of success. Their focus and will to succeed might give the impression that they are hard and inflexible. Their tough demeanor belies a soft heart bursting with empathy and compassion.

When a Leo walks into a room, they command everyone's attention with their swagger and charm. Their confident air and royal bearing might make them seem unstoppable. Leos may seem to be brash on the outside, but they really have a soft and passionate center.

Individuality and originality are hallmarks of the Aquarius personality. They may come out as emotionally distant or aloof because to their objective and logical outlook on life. They may come out as cold and logical, but they really have a soft spot for people and care deeply about their welfare. When it comes to making the world a better place, Aquarians are generally motivated by a deep sense of empathy.

Capricorns are very loyal and kind companions, always ready to provide a hand or an ear to those they care about. They don't show their feelings openly, but their compassion is evident in the way they treat others.

Their seeming lack of emotional fragility is a result of the protective screen that their robust skin provides. Once they trust you, Scorpios show their soft side, showering you with a level of compassion and understanding that few others can equal.

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