These four signs of the zodiac are the most savvy shoppers.

Thrift stores are not for those who lack courage. The tradition of going thrifting with your girlfriends after breakfast has evolved into a competitive race to see who can get the greatest deals.

It takes time, effort, and commitment to construct a wardrobe almost entirely of pre-owned garments. However, for these four signs of the zodiac, browsing through racks of gently used garments is not a burden but rather a source of pleasure.

However, just because your zodiac sign isn't here doesn't mean you have to stop saving money. Getting dressed in completely secondhand is easy if you consult your air and earth sign besties for advice.

Taureans have a genuine conflict between their desire for opulence and their need for security. The earth sign will often make concessions by purchasing high-end clothing and accessories from vintage stores or online auctions.

If you put a Virgo in a secondhand shop, they won't stop until they've gone through every rack. As a perfectionist sign, Virgos need to browse the whole shop before making a purchase; otherwise, they'll feel like they've missed out on something great.

It should come as no surprise to see the air sign Libra on this list, since Libras are among the most fashionable of the zodiac. They are savvy shoppers and often the first to adopt emerging fashion trends.

Aquarius doesn't have the same intuitive sense of style as the mutable Libra, the water bearer does have a talent for thrifting. As the Zodiac's humanitarians, Aquarians always put other people's interests before of their own when making choices.

Meanwhile, the greener ads recognize the global good that may come from choosing eco-friendly products. Searching through a secondhand store's selection is no big deal for task-oriented signage.

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