This Astrologer-Recommended Outfit Was Created Specially for Your Zodiac Sign

Your horoscope may affect your fashion choices more than you think as you establish your style. Enjoy being a 'wild kid' who draws attention? Introvert classics lover? You may be happy taking risks but never exceeding. 


Aries' fiery nature suits a trendy, short-sleeved top-and-skirt sweatsuit "Stardust says. "It'll be perfect for their sporty vibe."


Fashionable Taurus can dress up or down fake leather dresses or skirts that pull at their curves with shoes and T-shirts.

Stardust says "the twin star will like versatile looks that can double for day or evening wear." A worthwhile morning-to-night trend?"They'll glitter 24/7."



Stardust says Cancerians "like to protect their hearts and energy to ensure happiness." Layers are ideal for them. If you want to step it up, combine prints.


Stardust says Leo will stand out in bright, cropped jeans. What else? This eye-catching outfit will let them "make a dramatic entrance."


Not ready to give up your winter knitwear? Show some leg to warm up some outfits.


Stardust told InStyle, "monochrome sets and outfits will help Libra maintain and find their balance this spring." Jennifer Lopez and the Hadid sisters have kept the monochrome trend continuing this season.


Stardust believes a black slip dress and combat boots are alluring and perfect for Scorpio's goth style.


Stick with comfort, but upgrade your essentials like your favorite off-duty model.


Stardust says Capricorns "find comfort in wearing a more conservative and chic look, like a polo dress in a cool print." Check out the Margot Tenenbaum style you've always wanted.


Stardust advises Aquarius wear a bold-printed garment that reflects their uniqueness. Leopard is a neutral, but if you're feeling playful, try stripes, polka-dots, or a '90s daisy.


Stardust advises "the mystical sign Pisces should opt for flowy and floral dresses that are pretty and comfortable." This seems like a summer staple!

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