Unveiling how each horoscope sign tackles a BREAKUP, a numerologist shares

A shattered heart is a sob tale we all know too well, and your zodiac signs affect how you react. People who have had their heart broken or aim to break someone else's must know how each zodiac sign handles heartbreak and act accordingly, according to numerologist. Scroll down to see the ex's fate.


You could act as if it doesn't bother you, but really you're worried. You'd rather ignore the anguish of rejection and do whatever to display your love to things by letting your unbridled optimism do all the heavy lifting.


You resist the inevitable shift forced upon you and need more time to get used to life on your own. You make an attempt to keep your negative thoughts to yourself as you learn to value reason and realism in the wake of a shattered heart.

You're conceited and shallow if you attribute your heartbreak to the other person. During a breakup, Gemini tend to let their true colors shine through.



When it comes to making a transition, you take your time. You like looking back and trying to figure out where you went wrong and how you might have prevented it. Like the crab they take pride in their hard exterior while concealing soft inside.


Since your dignity is paramount, you pick yourself up and start going. Leos, like the lion they are named for, are recognized for their charisma and confidence. Leos tend to suffer emotionally when their relationships end. These lions, however, are incredibly tough and will always find a way to recover.


You Virgos are the most perceptive and analytical sign, and you strive to avoid arguments at all costs. You possess a powerful intuitive ability that allows you to foresee potential heartbreak. You anticipate the discomfort and come up with plans to avoid it.


You are a proud, confident, and self-respecting sun sign. You thrive in committed relationships, but you'll do anything to patch things up if things go south.


You experience a wide range of emotions—you can be wounded, sad, and furious all at once, and you're plagued by thoughts of failure and distrust. Even after some time has passed since the split, you continue to feel shocked and angry. A breakup might bring out repressed control concerns and lead to unhealthy levels of fixation.


You're the last of the fire signs, but you don't let that stop you from standing on your own two feet. You have feelings despite appearances to the contrary. You don't want heartbreak to cloud your mind or derail your plans. Moving on as if the relationship never happened will be simple for you to do.


Being as stern and emotionless as you are, you can probably handle a shattered heart. While you seek for committed partnerships, you are able to forgive and move on if your heart is broken.


Although you are not conventional and rarely give someone your undivided attention, when you do, you give it your all. This doesn't imply you're immune to pain or fear, either. However, it is you who may place a value on another person. Your heart won't hurt as much as it might with previous signals.


You are the zodiac's final sign, so while you may be creative, insightful, and upbeat, a shattered heart will reveal your weaknesses and make you feel unworthy.

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