Enjoy traveling? Looking for someone to travel with you? Look at the stars to find the answer... According to astrology, these five signs want to travel.

They have always loved the thrill, freedom, and new experiences that come with going.

Aries are pioneers and adventurers by nature. Optimistic and brave, they love taking risks (which can be good or harmful when traveling). Aries pack their things and leave at the word “Go!”

Geminis' curiosity and openness make them good travelers. Explore and discover are their passions. Travelers know that getting there can be monotonous, but arriving is fun.

Adventurous Sagittarians are born. Their laid-back demeanor protects them from becoming attached. Due to their independence and freedom-seeking, the open road always calls to them.

They plan every detail of their road trip better than others. Once they plan, they'll follow through. They're one of the best travel companions because of their inventiveness, determination, and responsibility.

Free-spirited Because they are born explorers seeking knowledge and enlightenment, Aquarians are always looking for new things. They want to travel because of their zodiac traits:

adventure, independence, open-mindedness, spontaneity, impulsivity, and restlessness. Traveling is more enjoyable than owning things, thus they spend more on it.

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