Rams are respected by students, classmates, and authorities for being honest. When you find injustice, you fight it hard and take it personally when you can't.

Taurus instructors are consistent and undaunted by long days of teaching. You may sometimes forget your duty and never be reminded.

A Gemini classroom is never dull or silent. You're good at talking, and students and principals can't resist you. Your fast swing from entertainer to counselor keeps everyone surprised and focused.

The classroom crabs manage change well; the most daring ride the wave, while the more cautious hide in their tunnel until it passes.

Leos' love of the spotlight and warm charisma make you a teacher kids will remember forever. Leos are energetic and enthusiastic about their work.

Virgo classrooms are orderly and effective because to their analytical and practical nature. You follow your routines like clockwork.

Libras are compassionate and even-tempered, making others feel comfortable and joyful. Libra instructors, always seeking balance, may struggle to say no and get agitated.

Scorpios are recognized for their passion and insight, therefore professors listen to you on many school concerns. You attract students with your charisma and naughty humor. Remember to bite your tongue.

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