What Kind of Sister Some of you Have Depends Upon Your Astronomical Signature

Sisters will drive you crazy, steal your stuff, and cause trouble. If others say so, a sister will murder you. Wonder what sort of sister you are? Astrology predicts your sister type. Astrology might reveal your sister type. Hope you like it. Leave comments.


Aries, you were born to lead, and whether you're the big or little sister, you plan the day. Beauty makes people listen. You become bored easily and move about. Always yearning for something new, you start numerous projects but seldom finish them. You always expect a revelation. Aries Astrology calls you an adventurous sister.


Taurus, you are a realist who prefers action than talk about speed. You prepare realistically and have a backup plan if things go wrong. You don't buy into your siblings' outlandish notions and draw them back to reality when they appear impossible. Astrology calls Taurus a practical sister.

Siblings know Geminis have two personalities. You can be shy, active, edgy, noisy, or insightfully quiet. No matter your mentality, you succeed. You can usually count on your siblings to get through the day regardless of your mood. Gemini, you're the varied sister.



Cancerians are intuitive and sensitive, so they may see issues. You notice when your siblings are upset initially and listen. Because you listen and are open to suggestions, you have many friends. To them, your opinion matters most. Thus, Cancer Astrology deems you a sympathetic sister.


You're the most outgoing sibling. Since everyone is your buddy, including your family in the fun. You don't mind drawing attention in social situations. You also make shyer siblings buddies. You need them most among friends! Astrology indicates Leo is a friendly sister.


You examine every issue as a Virgo, so you may think anything may go wrong. Despite not being the oldest sibling, you might worry and overprotect others. Be freer, but don't modify your lifestyle. You have sunscreen, snacks, and phone chargers for your siblings. Virgos are Protective Sisters.


Harmony, justice, and peace are important to Libras. You maintain family peace during conflicts. You love others, so saying “no” is hard. Remember that rejecting sometimes is okay! Even if you're pleased to always carry everyone's problems, it's a chance to be yourself. Astrology says Libra sisters preserve the peace.


Scorpio, Hard work comes first. As the family's most driven and ambitious member, you seldom relax. How your siblings stay calm and do dumb things is beyond you. They must not want to be best. Worry not—your aim will succeed. Scorpio, You're an ambitious sister, astrology says.


Lost in ideas, not things. Dark subjects may be researched endlessly, producing new realities and assumptions. Your siblings' patience and wisdom make you thankful, even though your voracious curiosity drives them mad. Maybe your siblings will spiritually traverse the world with you. Sister Philosophers: Sagittarians.


You handle business and complete tasks regardless of the volume. Family and siblings come first, although studies are close after. When you focus, you're more productive than anyone else. You may be dull and uninteresting to others, but your siblings know you're too committed to what you care about. Astrology says Capricorn sisters are dependable.


Aquariuses continuously assess their environment and seek improvement. Help those in need first. You usually tell your siblings to turn off the water when brushing or recycle Soft Drink Jars. Influence will be huge if loved ones care about the globe. Aquarius, your astrology recommends a caring sister.


Pisces experience their emotions more strongly than other signs, and your siblings know you're sensitive. You're not afraid to cry at a sad movie or be the most excited when your local games club wins the big tournament. Your siblings know you told them what you thought because they feel loved. As a Pisces, you are the Sensitive Sister.

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