What literary classic most speaks to your intellectual side, based on your zodiac sign?

Reading is a full-body experience, say readers. Why not enjoy the smell of creamy paper and faster tale progression? Fairy tales and odd people are in literature. Interesting new phrases may enhance your vocabulary and add intriguing books to your collection. Few of us read often.


Lord of the Flies quits kids. You can do anything without civilization. British kids on an isolated island act animalistic without conventions, training, adult supervision, or social structures. The planet of fight and energy, Mars, dominates Aries, making Lord of the Flies suitable.


The Great Gatsby is a Taurus book with opulent 20s parties and enigmatic Jazz Age beauty. Venus-ruled Taurus wants love and luxury. Jay Gatsby wants fortune and his perfect girlfriend's approval. Gatsby's all-night party host is lonely, reflecting Taurus's sadness over a materialistic culture.

Usually two Geminis. Dorian Gray's traits differ. Wilde's masterpiece opens with a young, naïve guy presenting a self-portrait. Dorian seems old and sad despite his youth. Dorian loses favor. Discussing Gemini-like soul melancholy. Unstated queerness drives this weird air sign.



Examining March sisters. We reread Little Women like sentimental Cancers. This inspiring American narrative raises cancer awareness and compassion. Water signs are caretakers and homebodies. Small females adore. Beth, Amy, Meg Surprises in March teach us to cherish family despite hatred.


Astrologically, Leo represents the “inner child”—the part of us that never grows up. The Chronicles of Narnia revives fancy and daydreams. From the outset, Aslan is a lion, and the story reminds you of a time when a mysterious door in your house might take you to another planet.


Most people believe a wealthy single man needs a girlfriend. Pride and Prejudice's iconic first phrase signals a Virgo reading experience. This exquisite Regency tale is about overcoming artificial etiquette standards and looking beyond class.


Despite their conflict-avoidance and hopelessness, Libras are bold and intriguing. Libra is scale-ruled, thus fairness always comes first. In To Kill a Mockingbird, Atticus Finch defends falsely convicted sexual assaulter Tom Robinson.


Crime and Punishment by Dostoyevsky is terrifying, seductive, and tragic. Key to the tale is accepting karma and responsibility. In this famous 19th-century Russian story, Raskolnikov murders his landlord and escapes the police for the remainder.


Every Sagittarius seeks an adventurous life. No literary masterpiece is more daring than J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit. The wizard Gandalf arrives at Bilbo Baggins' hut one day, sending him on a trip through Middle Earth with a group of dwarves to free Erebor.


Capricorns are disciplined, hardworking, and persistent. But how did they get there? Aloneness and struggle motivate Capricorn vigor and entrepreneurship. Orphan Jane Eyre is strong-willed and takes care of herself better than others despite being abandoned by her guardians. 


A dystopian society loses individuality in Brave New World. Children learn that partnerships are useless in our culture. Continuous Soma usage dulls emotions. Aldous Huxley's cautionary tale imagines life without human agony.


Although confused and determined to oppose a “phony” society, The Catcher in the Rye's 16-year-old protagonist mourns his brother's death. The final sign, Pisces, lives. A Pisces who lives in his thoughts, Holden Caulfield is lonely attempting to comprehend his loss in this American story. Pisces is skilled at detachedness.

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