What sort of a companion are you, in accordance with your astrological indication?

You like lavish indulgences and taking excellent care of your partner. While your zodiac sign certainly plays a role in shaping who you are as a girlfriend, it's not the only factor. Let's find out what sort of girlfriend you are in general and why your partner loves you on Valentine's Day and Week.


You're the carefree girlfriend that injects a lot of life into her boyfriend's routine. You are flexible and can deal with setbacks without throwing a fit.


You are the most adorable girlfriend anybody could ask for, and yet you also have a strong mind. You should let your spouse know your side of the argument and then let go of his or her reaction.

You're a fascinating girlfriend since you're naturally interested and attractive. But you hate being restrained, so you keep escaping from him.



You are a very kind girlfriend, and people know you for the unconditional affection you provide. You have a big heart and wear it on your sleeve. Your partner may find your profound feelings to be too much at times.


The flamboyant Aries craves the limelight. You have the potential to make your spouse feel very small. You have the power to make your partner feel special. Your relationship benefits immensely from the intense passion you bring to it.


You're a thoughtful and helpful girlfriend who means a lot to your man. He thinks the world of you since you're so reliable. When things are shaky, he can rely on you to be his rock.


He finally found the finest buddy he deserved in you. You're like Monica to Chandler in that you value peace and harmony. He may rest easy knowing you care enough to keep everything steady.


You're a sensual Scorpion girlfriend—very loving until you're harmed, then you sting like hell. You exude an air of assuredness that draws others to you. Being memorable and captivating in a relationship is possible.


You make him laugh a lot because you have a ton of silly charm and a barrel full of fun. He can't get enough of your carefree nature. You motivate him to travel just enough, and his favorite part of the experience is your upbeat demeanor.


You're a bit dated, but you've got a lot of life experience under your belt and you take your partnership seriously. With the proper man, you may feel loved and accepted just as you are. Don't be so tense.


You, Aquarius, have a magnetic presence and would make a devoted partner. You may be a wonderful spouse overall, but if you aren't allowed enough "me time" and personal space, you may become a real pain.


You're a mysterious girlfriend from another planet, and he can't get enough of you. You're the type of girl that prefers quiet situations. You make an effort to relieve him of whatever stress he may be experiencing, and the effect is mutual. The fact that you can be so encouraging is what he loves most about you.

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