What Video Game Genre Does Your Zodiac Sign Indicate About You?

All of us have wondered what our zodiac sign would make us like, or even cheese. It's fine to have fun and explore what's trendy and fits your personality. Whatever your personality, from obstinate Taurus to show-stopping Leo, there are many things we might compare ourselves to.


Most games today suit adventurous Aries. Nothing can stop them from halting tyrants in Far Cry or chopping down the Sith in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. This makes Aries an action-adventure.


Taurus and gamers who replay their favorites every year, sometimes too often, are obstinate. Other games may intrigue Tauruses, but you must show yourself to convince them to try anything new. Thus, they play Taurus, an old-school roleplaying game.

Simulator games often demand players to be conscious of their resource allocation and time management. They also require a keen eye for details and an inquisitive nature. These qualities align well with the characteristics of Geminis.



Episodic narrative games, like Telltale's The Walking Dead and the Life is Strange series, place a strong emphasis on emotional storytelling with a lot of heart.


Leos desire all. Their excitement drives them to pursue their interest in every manner, from being the center of attention to showing off their creativity. Therefore, Leos are the signs' sandbox games.


Virgos and most 4X games are practical and analytical. Virgos are analytical and prefer to make others think, like Sid Meir's Civilization series.


Visual novels are more popular than ever, although few games in their category are popular. These lovely and romantic games still win over players worldwide. Same for Libra.


Cunning is Scorpios' specialty. So they're stealth games. Stealth games, like Scorpios, rely on secrecy and waiting for the right moment.


Open world roleplaying games emphasize adventure and exploration, much like a Sagittarius. Individuals born under this sign often exhibit a love for spontaneity and enjoy acting on the spur of the moment, avoiding restrictions and limitations.


Walking simulators are a relatively recent genre of video games that prioritize patient and reserved storytelling, allowing players to slowly unravel the narrative as they explore their environment. Capricorns are often associated with qualities like patience and stability.


Puzzle games demand intelligence and often don't provide excessive guidance, allowing players to independently navigate through challenging puzzles. These characteristics align well with Aquarius individuals, who are known for their contemplative and intellectual nature and have a talent for engaging others with their unique personalities.


Indie games encompass a wide range of genres, and Pisces individuals, known for their appreciation of nostalgia, tend to enjoy titles that remind them of classic games. This might include indie game side-scrollers like Shovel Knight or more innovative experiences like Valheim, as Pisces often have a versatile taste in gaming.

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