Which investigator personality most accurately describes you among your own solar endorse?

If you are new to the world of crime solving and are curious as to what type of detective you will be in the future, we have compiled a rundown based on your zodiac sign and our extensive knowledge in murder mysteries, investigations, and solving crimes.


You have a lot of self-assurance and you're always eager to get to the bottom of a case, but this may occasionally annoy your other investigators. You have a fiery personality, and it frequently gets in the way of you being the top investigator or group leader. 


False evidence or a missing clue won't deter you for long, and you'll take your time putting together the pieces before drawing a judgment. This methodical approach pays off since you end up with insightful discoveries more frequently than not.

You're the zodiac's "Peter Pan" because you're always ready for an adventure, you change your mind often, you're smart and sometimes come across as arrogant. However, this isn't a problem when it comes to detective work because you're great at communicating with your partners.



You become overly attached to the persons involved in the case and the outcome. You also tend to keep your guard up, not letting many others in on your innermost thoughts or, at times, your suspicions about the perpetrator.


Like the regal and noble lion, you are excellent at defending the weak and defenseless, whether they are your colleagues detectives who have gotten themselves into a jam, the suspects, or anybody else connected to the case.


Your sharp mind, analytical approach, keen perception, and willingness to lend a hand make you an invaluable member of any detective agency's team. You're a fantastic addition to any team since you love to assist people.


You have the most charisma of the group, which is useful when questioning potential witnesses or suspects. You're never boring to be around, and the rest of the crew would do everything to steal some of your enthusiasm.


You are a good detective because you are strong, powerful, independent, and merciless; you know what you want and how to get it. Since you care so deeply about your profession, you may come across as aggressive or even hazardous to others around you.


Your #nofilter mentality leads you to utter anything comes to mind, even other people's thoughts, which may be a strength or a weakness depending on the context.


In addition to being a highly materialistic person, you pay close attention to detail and expect to be rewarded handsomely for your efforts. Unlike some of the other zodiac signs, who might be impatient, you take things slowly and are content to let a situation develop naturally.


Let others have their say and don't let your viewpoint cloud your judgement and, ultimately, your effectiveness in solving the case; your aggressive and confident attitude of your own thoughts might come off as being disinterested in others'.


You have a strong intuitive sense, which means you can detect when something is off without needing hard data or logical justification. You don't know how, but you have to trust your instincts since they're leading you closer to the solution of the crime.

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