Young Adult Literature: A Literary Horoscope for Every one Celestial Element

Ever wondered if your horoscope influences your reading? Neither do I. But what if our signals affect our book tastes? It's possible, right? We chose books for our favorite adolescent readers by astrological sign since it's a new year and time to explore new things.


The first sign of the Zodiac, Aries, is known for its independent leaders. They're competitive and will do everything to win, so you'll need lots of energy. However, Aries friends are lifelong.


Tauruses are loyal and value stable partnerships. Tauruses are obstinate but hardworking. You want a Taurus on your side when you face a challenging issue due to their brilliance.

Those born under the Twins sign are chameleons who can fit in anywhere. They are adaptable and happy alone or in crowds. In summary, Geminis can see both sides of most situations and want to understand what drives others.



Cancers might be frigid at first but warm up with sensitivity and intuition. Cancers prefer intimate groups of confidants to crowds and casual chat due to their emotional sensitivity. Cancers are fierce yet hilarious and good mimics.


As expected, Leos are theatrical, confident, passionate, and prideful. They are bold leaders who despise injustice and fight hard to earn respect. Leos are energetic extroverts, so keep up.


A practical Virgo always sees the broader picture. Behind their reticence, Virgos plan and enjoy everything. Because they are perfectionists with high standards, Virgos always keep their promises. Voracious learners, Virgos prefer reading on a chair.


Libra's life revolves around balancing. Libras are diplomats, utilizing their wisdom and generosity to resolve conflicts. Libras are exuberant and like socializing, especially with loved ones.


Scorpios refuse to be insincere, no matter how hard. Scorpios are passionate and outspoken debaters. Though difficult to know, they are extremely emotional and vulnerable, making them faithful companions once you get past their shell.


Archers are outgoing, enthusiastic, witty, and giving. They are autonomous non-conformists who take chances without worry of others' opinions. Sagittarius loves to travel, explore, and try new things. Sagittariuses are kind, open-hearted, and honest even when it hurts.


Capricorns adore regularity and order. Though inventive, they like tradition and organization. Smart, diligent Capricorns excel in finance and prosper in business. Capricorns know what they want and will tell you.


Aquarians loathe labels for good reason. This mysterious group values individuality and change above anything else. Analytical thinkers seeing patterns in the world apply their knowledge for societal betterment. Aquarians are idealists who prioritize others.


Pisces are sensitive, insightful, and occasionally psychically empathic. Writing, art, and music enrich their imaginative lives. Pisces admire logic and rationality and are highly intellectual (think Albert Einstein).

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