Your astrological sign and its influence on your ability behind the wheel

Aries, a fire sign, live with passion and purpose. These motorists are fearless. They're confident drivers.

Pros: Taureans are determined and goal-oriented. A Taurus never gets distracted when driving.

The Pros: Since Geminis are typically lively and inquisitive, they rarely get fatigued while driving. They also make great passengers on road trips because they keep their driver alert.

Pros: Dependable Cancer rarely arrives late, so they won't speed. They obey driving laws and wear seatbelts.

The Pros: Leos, the "rulers of the zodiac," are confident and brave. They lead caravans and road trips naturally.

Virgos are alert drivers due of their observance. They continually monitor the road for risks.

Libra drivers are kind and cooperative. They'll share the road with motorcyclists, bicyclists, and even rollerbladers.

Scorpios are resourceful and perceptive. Scorpio drivers can handle tough roads in a pinch!

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