Your Life's Motto, Determinated through the Sign of Your Zodiac

Our zodiac signs represent our personalities, attitudes, and beliefs, which determine our view on life and guiding principles. Your zodiac sign may reveal your life motto, summarizing your values.


Those born under the sign of Aries perceive the world as a series of exciting challenges. They have unflinching faith in their capacity to turn challenges into opportunities, and their slogan reflects that.


Taureans have a systematic approach to life and are known as the "builders" of the zodiac. Their phrase encapsulates their dogged perseverance and dedication to laying the groundwork for their goals.

Geminis are naturally curious people who thrive on novelty and variety. They welcome the unexpected and follow their curiosity no matter what the road ahead may hold.



Cancers have a special aptitude to love and care for others, and their slogan captures that well. Their love flows unceasingly, bringing comfort and strength to all around them.


Leos are known for their unshakeable confidence, and their slogan reflects that. They embrace their inner lion and seek for opportunities to shine in the spotlight.


The Virgo zodiac sign is known as the "craftsman" because of its members' commitment to honing their abilities and improving oneself. To them, every day is a blank slate on which they may paint a better version of themselves.


When it comes to relationships, Librans are the ones that put harmony first. Their slogan sums up their desire to find peace in a world where strife is so prevalent.


Scorpios are the phoenixes of the zodiac because they can fly through the fires of metamorphosis while remaining unharmed.


Experiential gifts are more important than monetary ones to adventurous Sagittarians. Their tagline sums up their life philosophy: they're always up for new experiences and learning new things.


Capricorns are the dogged achievers who know the value of sticking to a task until it's finished. Their slogan represents their dedication to methodically working toward their objectives.


The Aquarius sign is associated with creative thinkers and individualists. Their motto expresses their goal of making the world a place where everyone's unique qualities are valued.


Those born under the sign of the fish are masters of their own fantasies. Their tagline captures their capacity to transform their wildest hopes into life-altering achievements.

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