When stressed and busy, Aries are more likely to lie. They hate being the ones to let others down. They also provide false explanations for actions that were not intentional.

If anything has triggered strong feelings in a Taurus, it is likely that the bull will persuade themselves they don't care about it. They'll also pretend they don't feel jealous,

Even if they don't like it, they'll still give you a praise on it. Geminis are easily won over by flattery directed at their pride. They'll tell you lies to ease your mind and get out of trouble.

Cancers might falsely claim they are completely independent of others. In fact, though, they may be quite dependent and clinging. They put on a happy front even when they're upset or depressed.

Leos live and die by their self-assurance. They would confidently put abilities on their CV that they do not possess. They'll make something up regarding a book's quality so they can seem smarter.

They are particularly concerned about maintaining a positive public persona. If they don't want to speak to you, they'll make up excuses as silly as their phone dying.

Even after you've informed a Libra multiple times what your real name is, they'll still call you by a cutesy moniker. They're dishonest because they don't want to argue or damage your feelings.

To a Scorpio, embellishing the truth is not the same as outright lying, and vice versa. They continue to act truthfully, but sometimes they'll tell white falsehoods over tea to boost their egos.

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