Your Zodiac Sign and Shadow Art: Finding Calm Within

Aries is infamous for taking risks without thinking. They might benefit from mindfulness meditation to recognize their shadow hurry.

Tauruses are obstinate and won't compromise on what they care about. To fight bullies, they may need to develop active listening and empathy.

Be honest: Chatty Geminis are constantly talking, and that's one of their strengths. But these strange air signs tend to value reasoning over emotions (often to a fault),

Cancer is caring and kind, but being everyone's carer might damage their mental health and self-esteem. “Your dependable nature requires occasionally turning some attention toward yourself,” explains Cancer Chinniah.

Leo is confident and excels in public performances. Dawn thinks that pride might sometimes prevent them from succeeding by submitting to others.

Chinniah suggests shadow work for Virgos who grieve what may have been or should have been. There's no perfect life route or conclusion, and Virgo should remember that focusing on perfection will only make them feel worse.

Libras seek balance, yet their agreeability might lead them to over-compromise or sacrifice for others. Wilder advises air signs to explore their inclinations.

Scorpio passion is one of the hotter types, but jealously or over-competitiveness may make it explosive. Scorpio shadow labor requires the Scorpio to realize that their success is not dependent on others' failures,

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