Despite their determination, Capricorns are simple to chat to and helpful at work. Stina Garbis, an astrologer at Psychic Stina, says they'll be demanding yet sensible in helping others since they want to succeed.

Capricorns make terrific friends outside of work and won't tell secrets. They're always trustworthy, so if they say they'll do something or be someplace, they will.

Virgos, like Capricorns, are perfectionists. They strain themselves, not others. "Virgos are another earth sign, and as you would expect, tend to be practical and rational," says Garbis.

Virgos have "no interest in showing off," says Mediumchat astrologer, clairvoyant, and spiritual coach Tara Bennet, since they're structured and conscientious. She calls them "modest to a fault" and prefers to blend in. This suggests they'll listen well and remember what you say.

Introverted Cancers stay home. "These shy crabs prefer to hide in their shells than be in the spotlight," he adds. "It's not that they are recluses, it's simply because they dislike show-offs or attention seekers." They're usually soft-spoken and let others shine.

Although they are impulsive and will speak what's on their mind, they tend to be very down to earth in the respect that they understand what needs to be done and will always get the ball rolling when other people are stalling," Garbis adds. Aries will help you with a project without pretense.

Visit your Libra buddy for a calm night if you're fatigued. You can trust them for drama-free advice. Libras look controlled because they're busy taking in their surroundings, so don't worry if they're not having fun or are irritated.

Fixed earth signs are known for their practicality. According to Garbis, Tauruses are "stable and secure," thus they provide good advice like Libras since they don't react quickly and consider before they speak. The zodiac's obstinate bulls will defend whomever they love.

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