Zodiac Signs and Their Sexuality

Hayes says most female prostitutes are "concentrated in the lower half of the body, from Virgo [stomach] down to Capricorn [knees] or Aquarius [calves]." Libra (butt) and Scorpio (sex organs) rule. Hayes: “Virgos and Capricorns crave security.” "They're in it for the money more than the Scorpios and Libras."


They're the most naïve, lightest spring sign. Remind them of their beauty without overdoing it. Sexually, they're lively. Mannish ladies may be bossy. All fire signs—Aries, Leo, Sagittarius—like to rule."


"Be kind to them—they're sensitive. Show a Taurus your attention so they can feed off it. Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) demand steadiness. Tauruses may return after a one-night encounter. Taurus clutch."

This is Hayes' only sign of not sleeping with. "I touch them on their arms and they like me, but I just never hook up with any of them," he told. Hayes recommends wooing Geminis. You'll keep them till they learn. Meet them higher." Astrology doesn't impress Geminis after Hayes' attacks.



They're motherly, but I've never met any Cancer escorts. Water changes, therefore you must be aware of their moods. A Cancer never initiates."


Say, 'You're the most lovely person in the world.'" Rub their back hard and they're yours. They're the easiest sign to get in bed since they accept compliments. Once sex begins, they put on a show." Hayes has two Leo dominatrixes.


"They want stability in their relationships -- unless they're going through their ho-ish phase." Virgin Virgo has a ho-ish phase? "Strange, they'll sleep with you emotionless. I married for love. They value security; they're realistic."


"My fave. They want your attention, but don't worry. They adore being together and don't like disagreement, so be lighthearted but not crass. They always have great underwear and lingerie and gorgeous buttocks. Victoria's Secret shopping is ideal for Libra dates."


The most sexual sign, typically bisexual, constantly inquisitive about sex. They wish to try all juices: Scorpio and Pisces are the most fluid-oriented signs. Scorpio symbolizes death and rebirth. Lots of venereal illness and secret sexual issues. 


A Sag girl will flirt all night, sit on your lap (probably choking off circulation with her thick thighs), and then go home to her partner. They want everyone to like them yet are loyal to home. Listen to them and tell them they're great to seduce them.


"Earthy, passionate bedmates. They prefer control: It's their show, they know what's going to happen, and it will continue until they end it. Capricorns have hurled rocks at my window at night. Their loyalty and want to help you make them the most likely sign to stalk you. 


Touch their calf and talk to someone else to claim them. As the most charming symbol, the giver of water, of all those Oprah Winfrey phony smiles and light chat, they're not accustomed to being ignored. Everyone wants to be around them. 


since I'm sidereal Aquarius." To seduce Pisces, "Be kind. Due to isolation, Pisces experience strange sleep habits and see things in their dreams. If they're not aware, they'll worry over drugs, drink, or shopping, so be patient." Pisces, like Scorpio, is "spiritual and obsessed with darkness," the most Goth sign.

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