Zodiac Sign's Friendship Power

Aries, your governing planet is Mars, you're forceful and fierce. Because of this, your directness makes your message apparent. Marmanides says your friends can rely you to tell it like it is because you never muddle your message

Taurus, being an earth sign, is extremely in touch with all five senses and adept at having fun. This is a terrific buddy attribute, but Gailing thinks your greatest strength is reliability, which the earth element gives you.

Pin It Geminis are gregarious and quick-witted, making them engaging conversation partners. Your energy, ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, makes people feel comfortable and desire to interact.

Cancer, your water element makes you highly aware of your emotions, so you may easily share them with others. Because you're nurturing, Brooks says nothing makes you happier than taking care of your loved ones.

Leo, like the sun, you naturally attract and retain attention. Your fire element adds energy and Brooks calls it your friendship strength—your capacity to have fun.

Virgos are careful and orderly, and their earth sign gives them sensitivity and balance. Mercury rules your planetary ruler, thus Gailing believes your friendship strength is your clarity.

Libra, you seek equilibrium in everything. Your air sign makes you an impartial thinker who values justice and is open to new ideas—you're considered the diplomat of the zodiac.

Scorpio, you offer your love and devotion with all your heart. As an emotional water sign controlled by distant Pluto, you enjoy your pals because you can feel everything and express everything.

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